Countess Countach “Replica”

Speaking of Lamborghini Countach clones that aren’t really particularly accurate, but still have some level of charm, this Countess Countach (I think that’s what it is — the seller didn’t know, and actually thought it was a Panache variant) sold earlier this year for just under £2,000 in the UK. For now I’ve left this filed in “Mystery Cars” because I’m not sure if the ID is correct. There were a number of Countach copies called the “Countess” — this is of course not the high quality New Zealand based one!

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  1. scot says:

    Countess Countach’s kits are actually the MOST ACCURATE kits avaliable… I think this guy has his information a bit backwards.

  2. As I wrote about, this is NOT claimed to be the NZ version of the “Countess” — a number of Countach copies caried that name.

  3. Vernon says:

    This is the british vw based kit of the Countess made around 1983-5. It’s not a Panache – I’ve got one (still unfinished!) and there are major differences in the nose section and side windows. The Countess has more of a Countach profile whereas the Panache’s front end is based on a Japanese concept car called the Dome (also based on the Countach).

  4. Geert says:

    This is a countess , i try to import them in the 1984-1985.
    But they were so bad quality,and bad bad not even describes it
    ,the polyester was very very flammable
    A guy named steve forsyth produced them and he sold about 50 as he was the only lambo replica manufacturer at that time.
    This is the second one i see that is finished,most off them ended in somebody s backyard,because it was an impossible build.


  5. VF1Skullangel says:

    I would love to build one of these as a sleeper. Put in a 3800 Supercharged V6 and drive around then blow the doors off a Porsche.

    Vern I know which one your talking about, the Dome Zero of 1978, I don’t think it was countach based. But it was inspriered by the design.

  6. Mathias Lang says:


    I am Mathias from Germany, i have bought this car.


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