Panache Kit Car

Thanks to my friend Joe Lee for helping identify the “Panache” kit car that was previously posted as a mystery vehicle… From the back it looks like a traditional Lamborghini Countach clone, but from the front it’s far more radical, with a raked and extended front end that’s reminiscent of a Lancia Stratos split with a Countach, and then stretched and presented as a flip-top model. Joe included some pictures he’s collected of them as well.

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  1. eugene says:

    hello, Im looking to buy a panache kit car if anyone has one for sale or knows of one please call me at 661-406-0486 I will pay a good price, Cheers Eugene/california

  2. jay says:

    will you buy from uk and what price are you offering complete car no engine or interior has gearbox ect

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