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Hey everyone. Adam from DF Kit Car sent us a little update over the weekend about how the company is coming along. For those of you who have not seen these yet, the DF Goblin is a great looking kit car that utilizes the Chevy Cobalt as a donor car. I get that when most people think kit cars that last car they consider as a donor is the cobalt.

But what DF Kit Car has done is built their kit car in such a way that it brings the Cobalt engine to the rear of the car. So unlike the Exocet the Goblin is a rear engine, rear wheel drive pavement pounder.

Here is what Adam had to say about whats going on at the factory…

Back in November we had the frames 90% complete. All they lacked were the last mounting tabs/accessories and to be fully welded out. We built a rotisserie to suspend the frames to make welding each joint and inspecting the frames much easier. After finishing each frame, we went through a lengthy checklist to make sure all of the welds were complete and every piece was installed.
With the frames complete, we started taking them to get powder coated. Yesterday we picked up the last frame from powder coating and took a group shot: Three of the frames are being assembled here at our shop as factory built Goblins: the far left silver frame is being built for a local race engine builder, the new green frame is becoming the DF Kit Car demo car (it is receiving the Cobalt hardware from our first prototype) and the orange frame is being built as turbo SS test car.
This weekend we are going to be personally delivering four of the frames to customers in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. We’ve been holed up in the shop for months so we are glad to be going on a road trip and very excited to meet these customers. Here’s the four frames that we will be delivering
Soon our customers will be building their Goblins. They’ve already started their build logs on our forum (dfkitcar.com/forum) and have posted images of their donors.

So As you can see they are moving right along and they will surely have some very happy customers . Prices for these kits start at a bit under $6000 and they will even do a turnkey starting at $19,999 . Be sure to check them out at www.dfkitcar.com

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  1. Dan Perry says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones to get one of these. Mine needed to fit me 6”4″ so get one of the second production run cars with a 4″ extended chassis. Already got my donor. Can’t wait.

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