Interesting Kit Car on Craiglist

Im not even going to pretend I know what this interesting kit car on craigslist is . At first glance you can see bits from several kit cars. Looks like it has a little Aztec (Rear Window) Dino Replica (rear end) and if my eyes are seeing it correctly it looks like a 1956 Corvette Windshield.

The seller really does not give any info on the car other than this…


Volkswagen kit car. Make an offer. Fun project for someone. Stored for years and need to move on to another project.

Maybe the seller has no idea what it is. Im pretty interested in this . Im not sure why but it just screams out that I should own it. Not that I need another project but it would certainly be something I would like to have .

Anyone out there have any idea what it is? Its not often that I do not know what a certain kit car is but this time I am stumped. If you know feel free to share. I have also reached out to the seller for more info .

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  1. Rich says:

    The front looks like an invader with a La Dawri windshield. The rear has an Aztec GT feel to it a one off possibly.

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