Dick Dean Shalako For Sale

In the sixties legendary hot rod builder Dick Dean released a buggy/kit car called the “Shalako”, which predates analogous sports-car/buggy hybrids like the Manx SR. Although the vehicle was popular and well known, and MPC built a 1/20 scale model, as well as various magazine coverage, I do not believe that the production numbers are as high as the previously linked article suggests — I think it’s more likely that less than 25 exist. See also this forum thread for a little more info and pictures.

Cliff (cliff_****@***.net – SOLD!) in Miami has his up for sale for an asking price of only $2,000, which I think is a great deal (I’ve told him I think it’s worth double that, so don’t get mad if he ups the price)… This is in far better shape than nearly every other Shalako out there, and would be an amazing start for someone who wants to restore this amazing find.

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  1. Dave says:

    There was one at a VW show this past weeked in Pittsburgh PA, (Blue one) I think it was for sale for around $1000 USD it was not in great shape but ran good.


  2. chris says:

    I have an original shala myself. I am very interested on how many there are out there.

  3. Aj larsen says:

    I saw a shala at a flea market not long ago and thought it was the coolest car ever, I think it was for sale, how much do they go for in great shape?

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