DIY Ford GT90 Replica

Ryan who runs a Ford GT90 fansite sent me a pointer about a Ford GT90 replica project by a guy named Des out of Australia he’s been tracking (check his site for more pictures and hopefully updates in the future).

Because of the GT90’s simple angular design, it’s probably a good choice of a car to clone — and the fact that it’s a rare concept that few people have seen, unlike a car like a Countach were any kid can spot the smallest inaccuracy, will make it much more convincing. Des started with a set of wire-coverd wooden bulkheads over which he’s building up the final form with fiberglass and filler.

Definitely looking forward to seeing where this project goes — thanks to Ryan (and Des) for sharing it online.

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  1. brandon says:

    so do you think thay will be selling clones of the ford gt 90

  2. brandon says:

    so do you think thay will be selling clones of the ford gt 90

  3. mo says:

    i would hope so

  4. Bob Bevis says:

    The buck on this is a work of art in its self, I have a desire to do the same sort of thing with a design of mine so this is very interesting and educational for me. Thanks for the posting of your project.

  5. Rob S says:

    If by any chance they get to sell any clones/replicas.
    Does anyone know what the price would be aproximately?
    Anyway, if they are in Australia what are the possibilities of getting one of these. This car is just awesome.

  6. Rob S says:

    Well, according to:

    you said the price would be about $35,000…

    Do you mean U.S.Dollars?

  7. Mike Leonard says:

    Was this car ever completed.I live in Brisbane and never saw or heard about this project.

  8. Tim says:

    Been dreaming of this since i discovered as a kid they only made 1. Maybe my preys will be answered and we get some replica shells.
    My 1st choice of car of i could afford a prototype

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