Mystery Corvette Rebody

I saw this very, very rare kit for sale in San Diego and was hoping someone could help ID it.

The seller knows it as a “1983 Vandeta”, but that doesn’t sound right to me. It’s built on a 4-speed 1969 Corvette chassis, and I’m afraid that’s the limit of what I can tell you. The front end light design is quite distinctive so I hope someone will recognize this rebody. Peter believes it was made in the mid-eighties by a Texas-based company and was usually intended to be mounted on a Fiero or VW chassis.

If you’re interested in buying, Peter is asking $2,500 for the car as is, or $5,000 if you’d like it with new paint, smog certification, and registered. Drop him a line at

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  1. Scot says:

    where exactly in san diego is that.. car?

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