Do you have a Kit Car that “Got away”?

Im sure everyone has that one car in their head that they kick their ass every time they see one online, or hear about one. The one that got away can haunt you forever. There are a few that I could have had that I think to myself “Damn I really should have bought that” But there is one in my mind that just kills me.

It all started with a little late night browse on craigslist. As I was searching for projects I came across this ad and immediately knew what it was (well sort of) It appeared to be a Mclela Blaze. There is was, sitting in all of its glory. But things did not look exactly right. I send the seller an email and the next day went and looked at it.

When I arrived it was buried in the back of the property wedged between several cars. Right away I notice several things “Different” about this car. Why did it have solid sides like a bradley instead of those, why did both the front and rear seem just a little different than the production model we seen on the magazine covers?

Well in talking to the seller The Blaze creator Ray Lombard had something to do with it. I met Ray years ago here in Orlando and he was working on the super stepside kit car. At that time I never put two and two together that he was the same guy who created the Blaze. Well the story went that Ray owed this shop some money or something and they ended up keeping this car. The changes were all Ray’s doing because he did not like the doors and a few other things. And that was pretty much all I got.

So I bet you are wondering what the asking price was. Well brace yourself, It was $1000 . I tried to get it cheaper but they were firm in their price, and I just looked at all the work it needed and could not bring myself  to pay it. I gave them my number and went on my way in hopes that they would give me a call and work with me on the price. They never did.

I have no idea what ever happened to that car. Did it get sold, did they cut it up, or is it still sitting there. I will certainly be taking a ride over there this week and seeing if it is:)

So what do you wish you would have bought when you had the chance?


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