Elite Laser 49er Price List

1981 Elite Enterprises price list for the Laser 49er mini Van .


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  1. jesse says:

    GOT ONE FOR FREE, does n e one know how many are left

    • admin says:

      Have no idea how many are still around but there were not many made to begin with. Do you have any photos you can share? We would love to see it.

      • jesse says:

        as soon as i get it home i’ll take pics, I know the engine and transmission has less than a few hundred km on it but it has no interior and has been sitting for 10 years. All that considered the fiberglass is perfect, never painted, the frame was painted and ten years ago it started right up and i drove it around the block in my neighborhood. I work in a metal shop so any custom parts should be easy to make. I cant wait to start working on one of the most unique cars i’ve ever seen. I refer it too the back to the future minivan lol. There ain’t nothing finer, than the laser 49er! cheers

  2. jesse says:

    Im also curious if VW kitcars are able to enter vw car shows or if there are VW kitcar clubs

    • admin says:

      I encourage owners of VW kit cars to attend and enter all VW car shows . Its a great way to show people some of the unique stuff that is out there. Also I have often thought about starting a nationwide VW kit car club. I will also have some news soon regarding a kit car and replica show I am putting together for February in Florida

  3. Mr Holzapfel says:

    I Have just saved a Laser 49er from being scrapped. It looks like everything is there and in very good shape !! I will post a bunch of pictures soon .

  4. toby mcclain says:

    I have a laser 49er mini van and I need a windshield or info on what fits it, thanks

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