Embeesea Chepeko (Charger Series Oddity)

This odd vehicle (spotted on the KitCars.com forums) is an “Embeesea Chepeko”, a vehicle that seems to sit between the shorter Charger and the later full-sized Charger 2+2 model (and also very similar to the Siva Saluki). Generally mounted on a VW Beetle chassis, this one actually is running a Ford Crossflow engine on a flipped VW transaxle in a midengine configuration. It was built for a friend of the designer’s and as such has thicker fiberglass than usual and several minor modifications. I’ve emailed the new owner, who saved it from the wreckers, for an update on the project and more pictures.

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  1. Dibbler says:

    The car in question is mine & it’s sat in my Garage untouched since the day it was bought due to the building work I’ve been doing on our house (a full renovation including new heating, all rooms plastered, new bathroom & Kitchen, I could go on!)
    Anyway, by Q3 of this year I hope to have the house finished & I can then look at doing something with the car at long last…
    The current plan is to bluetack & sellotape (to a safe but non cosmetic level) everything to get it in for an MOT, only working on what is obviously an MOT fail, to be frank I don’t care if it passes or fails on emissions etc, It will give me chance to drive it for the first time & decide what to do next…
    I hope it drives in a sensible way, bearing in mind I’ll do the minimum to get it to the MOT so it’s likely to be an interesting drive, I want to get it to a very high standard all round. I would therefore do a complete rebuild IE a full mechanical, interior & bodywork rebuild.
    If it’s horrific to drive & I can see no chance of it getting better after a rebuild, I may put the body on a Land Rover discovery V8 chassis I have with the biggest balloon tyres I can fit & keep it road legal. Due to the relatively good state of the mechanics on the land Rover, this would pretty much only be an interior & bodywork rebuild, but a BIG one as the body will have to be butchered to fit. But this would create an interesting car, come road legal monster truck!
    Hopefully it will drive fine & I wont feel the need to monster it, either way I’ll post a few pics once I FINALY get chance to play with it!

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