Clean Charger Body Shell For Sale

Dom picked up an MBC/Embeesa Charger kit recently for the VW pan, so now he’s turned around and put the shell — which looks very clean and the perfect start for someone who’s looking to build one of these distinctive cars from scratch — up on eBay (#280303408504). The car is located in Wakefield, UK. The glass required for this kit is the rear glass (you’ll need two) from a Vauxhall Victor — other than that you’ll just need a VW Beetle donor and a lot of hard work.

3 Responses

  1. Schmitty says:

    Wish this was in the US. I love the shape of this car.


  2. kortenbach says:

    I need a construction manual for an MBC charger.
    Anyone got one ?

    Please let me know…

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