Front-Engine Fiberfab Avenger Project

Well this is an odd project! This Fiberfab Avenger started life as the version that they offered for the Corvair driveline, but one of the recent owners cut all that out and grafted in the front and rear from a Jaguar XJ6 (and cut out the floor), with the intention of running a 500 CI Caddilac V8 up front… Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, nor did it seem like a good idea to Eugene, who bought the project as you see it now.

His plan was to use the XJ6 components as a fasttrack to setting up an electric vehicle, but he hasn’t had time to work on it and has decided to sell it. It’s essentially a rolling body right now. He’s located in Goldsboro, North Carolina and you can reach him at He’s asking $2,000 or “interesting trades”.

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  1. March 8, 2009

    […] this is not the first front engined Avenger that I’ve posted (and it’s certainly possible to build a low-profile sports car with a […]

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