Get This GREAT Price of His Toys T-Shirt Today!!!

Hey everyone,

We are going to be launching many new things here on price of his toys this year and we want to start off by sharing this great tshirt design. I understand that the car is not a kit car, but it is one of my favorites of all times. This shirt has a great design of a 1971 Nissan GT-R . They are $15.99. You can get yours today at

Also I wanted to let everyone know we have finished changing themes over to something a bit newer and modern. We are going to be improving our content moving forward to include car shows, specialty cars, exotics, and more. Kit cars will always be #1 but we feel there is so much out there to show everyone, that it is worth it to include it.

As always we are always looking for a few good people to add to our team. If you have a passion for what we do and you feel you could be an asset feel free to email us.





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