Good Deal on a Sterling Kit Car

Well I think this is a good deal assuming all the glass is good and there is some sort of interior. This one is from Craigslist and the seller is asking $1950 . There is really not much of a description on this one….

No engine (1600 cc dual port available for additional cost). Great winter project. Over $5000.00 invested. Sacrifice for $1950.00.

I will never understand why sellers don’t go into great detail and provide many pictures when trying to sell kit cars. Craigslist allows something like 24 photos and plenty of space to describe what you are selling. Oh Well.

The sterling’s are great kit cars when they are finished and at this price you really could have a head turner for a little bit of money and work. Best part is you can still get parts for them unlike a lot of the other kit cars of the same time period.

Anyway. If you are looking for a good looking kit car this might be the one .

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