Valkyrie Kit Car STILL for sale

I guess some sellers just don’t get it . We posted this Valkyrie that we found on Craigslist back in Oct 2015. . At that time it was being sold for $12,500 and as you can imagine this basket case project kit car did not sell. Today I came across it again. This time at a $1000 discount. It is now $11,500.

$11,500 for a complete project. Just to give you an idea one of our writers Paul had his valkryie project for sale for way less than $11,500 and had a hard time getting it out of his driveway. These are kit cars boys and girls. Old and mostly outdated kit cars I might add. It does not matter that you bought it for $xxxx and have $xxxx in it. If it is nothing but a bunch of parts chances are your kit car is not worth all that much. In this case the $11,500 Valkyrie is going to take $10,000 to build and then if you sell it chances are you will never get your money back.

Here is the ad and a pic…

This is an almost complete Valkyrie kit car by Fiberfab that was never finished. This car was kept inside since 1966! It has NEVER seen rain! The headlights and tail lights aren’t even cut in yet! Kit includes full drivetrain, wheels (tires will need replaced obviously but it will roll around), NOS Stewart Warner gauges (tach, speedo, oil, temp the works) Everything that comes with the car including some cool literature is what was with the car since 1966. Small block Chevy and Corvair Spyder transaxle with heavy duty axles, radiator, suspension, vette steering box, fuel tank, windshield etc. is ALL there. You will need a 64-65 Mustang fastback rear glass, side glass and other odds and ends to finish. Will not discuss price on the phone, you will need to see the car in person. Please, do your homework on the internet if you are not familiar with these cars. You cannot even touch a factory five or other kit this complete for this kind of money. The car is as is, may be able to deliver within reasonable distance. No title bill of sale only, you will have to title it as a kit car since that’s what it is.

If you want to give money away here is the link

Valkyrie Project




4 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    With the dozens of detailed pics (NOT) and sheer rarity it would be a bargain at twice the price lmao. If everything isn’t rusted rubbish 4k might be fair since it’s the mid engined V8.

  2. Scott Muckelroy says:

    I would love to speak with a member that is wanting to sell his or hers Valkyrie for sale.

    • Donnie says:

      You could always use a website like searchtempest to search all of craigslist or even check ebay. They are for sale often as they are not a rare kit car.

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