Invader GT Kit Car with Subaru Drivetrain For Sale

Hey Everyone. As Fiberclassics has grown the ability to pick up vehicles on our own has also grown . That is why this Invader GT Kit Car with Subaru Drivetrain is for sale.

This is a fun little car that that previous owner said was built in the late 1990s. Overall it is in good shape, but just like most old handcrafted cars they usually have to be tinkered with.

This car has a 1985 Subaru EA82 turbo mated to the factory vw 4 speed. It starts right up and runs down the road. There are no creature comforts with this car. You get no A/C, no Heat, and not even a radio. What you do get is a good time and something that people will ask you a million questions about it.

We are in need of a tow vehicle and I have been toying with the idea of a retired Ambulance with a 7.3 Diesel . The idea is that along with plenty of storage, there is also enough power to tow a trailer while still getting decent fuel mileage.

Asking price is $9500 but I certainly will entertain reasonable offers. So do not be afraid to make one. Heck maybe you are reading this and have a tow vehicle with a comparable price that you might want to trade. I am all ears.

Have a look at the photos and contact me if you are interested in this sweet little car!