Jakabi Design Abster MGF Based Kit Car

Paul Goldsmith of Jakabi Design sent us in some photos and info on their latest creation. The Abster. This kit car is based on the MGF, a British Sports Car. Jakabi Design is no stranger to kit car building. They also have the Ja8 which is inspired by an Audi. If you are anywhere in the world that a MGF is available and want a fun kit car this one could be the one.

Here is the info provided to me by Paul…

The company is called jakabi design. this is my second car I have made the first one is called the jakabi ja8 that is a finished show car. I don’t intend to produce this one but the prototype moulds are for sale. I will send a picture of this car let me know what you think.

We got a very good response at the kit car show last year. The pictures I sent to you today is from my new project this will 100 percent go into production. This is only the model that the moulds are being taken from the plug and is a full body conversion of an mgf.

This will be an all British car using a tried and trusted British sports car as the donor with a modern looking design. The name of this car is the abster. I would be happy for you to post on your web site but can you please use this e mail address for the public to contact jakabi.ja830@yahoo.co.uk

So there you have it!!!


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  1. Ron goldsmith says:

    Hi Donnie keep a close eye on jakabi design his work is nothing more than stunning I may be a little bias because he’s my son but if you happened to view the jakabi j a8 at last year’s Stoneleigh

  2. Ron says:

    I said before Donnie keep a close eye on the abster it’s a sure fire winner

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Ron. It’s a great looking car but sadly it is limited to the UK or anywhere that you can get that donor. Get it worked up for a miata and we have something!

  3. jason black says:

    Looks great, love to know when its ready and what comes with the kit and the cost. many thanks

  4. John says:

    Hi, How does one contact Paul as I don’t have a face book account or wish one.
    I meet him last year at the NEC now would like to puchase a kit but no phone number or email on his site.


  5. Sean says:

    Where can I buy this kit?

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