This $20,000 eBay Fiberfab Valkyrie Can Be Yours

ThisĀ  $20,000 eBay Fiberfab Valkyrie Can Be Yours if you are DUMB! No really someone would have to be really stupid to spend $20,000 on a project such as this. I almost thought it was a typo until I looked at the bottom of the auction and seen ” Please make sure Your finances are in order, and please, No Haters! I know this is a lot of money, but this is a lot of car!” Of course you want no haters. You want a sucker. This car would not fetch $20,000 complete and on the road!

The best part of the entire car might be the engine. This is from the auction and even with that its still nothing more then a $5000 project…..

The engine is a strong mid-seventies 350. I was told it was a low millage engine. I installed a new melling oil pump and pick-up as well as a new chrome oil pan, dual remote filters and a remote oil cooler, a new Crane cam and lifters with a new double roller timing chain. The new aluminum heads are from Flo-Tec and the intake is an Edelbrock performer eps.The carb is a 600 Holley with electric choke and modified with Quick fuel billet metering blocks, an adjustable vacuum secondary canister, and center pivot fuel bowls. the billet distributor and coil are from Petronics. The engine idles great, runs strong and is realistically around 370 h.p. Oil pressure holds steady above 50 lbs. and there are no issues. Cam is 272 intake and 278 exhaust duration (218/224 @ .050)and lift is .454 int. and .480 exhaust. I put in new pushrods and roller rockers as well. The headers are from Schoenfeld and are a true 180 design. The mufflers are from Thrush and are a baffle type, similar to a flowmaster. This thing sounds incredible! If You’ve never heard a true 180 header You’ll be amazed by the unique “European” sound. The fuel system consists of an aluminum fuel cell with sender, and two electric fuel pumps. The cooling system has an aluminum high performance pump, aluminum radiator, and an electric fan with adjustable thermostatic control.

But hey what do I know? If you want to spend your money, or make an offer check out the listing here


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