Junkyard Aztec 7

Tanya has posted a giant set of VW-related vehicles to her Flikr set, all for sale for her father Robert (click the link for his number). The set includes a Gazella, and MG, a Beetle with square-light widebody fenders, a dunebuggy, a Thing, and more, including this very very dirty first-gen Fiberfab Aztec 7… Given its state of cleanliness, at first glance it looks very recoverable and solid. It’s located in Florida if you’d like to go check it out.

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  1. John Jaynes says:

    I am interested in purchasing the aztec 7 if still available. I have one already and could build one nice one from 2. Please let me know. Too bad I didn’t see this a little while ago- I just returned from Florida after a week vacation in Orlando. John

  2. Was wondering if you still have any aztec 7 parts?

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