“95% Complete” Invader GT

They do say the last 5% is always the hardest, right?

Herman (junkmanherman@yahoo.com) has got this Invader GT up for sale in Millington, Michigan. He says it runs well and has good tires and a solid 1500cc VW chassis, but the windshield has been knocked out and will need to be replaced as well as a wide range of cosmetic and interior work being needed. I believe the windshield in these was from a Karman Ghia — later versions raked it back a little more which improved the look of the car quite a bit.

Asking price is only $500.

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  1. Jon Strom says:

    Actually, it was the earlier versions that had the raked back windshield. Bruce Weeks redesigned the rake so drivers over six feet tall could sit in it without having drop pans scraping the pavement, and to improve roof strength. I spent a week in Oakland at Autokit in 1978 watching my Invader get shot in the mold, and spending a lot of time talking with Bruce about his designs.

  2. Timothy Crawford says:

    Do you still have this for sale very interested in buying it. email- crxracer000@yahoo.com

    invader gt

  3. Tyler says:

    Haha, I can’t believe it. I purchased this vehicle just a few weeks ago – it’s now in Waterloo ON. Do you have any other information on it? It’s not running at the moment and I still need to see what is required for a safety on it

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