Junkyard Siva now a Schoolyard Siva

I recently received some wonderful news about the junked Siva Saluki that sold on eBay recently for $750. Following is the note I got (I wish my highschool had done this!) from Wayne Griffin, an engineering studies teacher at the school:

“The Siva Saluki (or look alike) featured in the August 6th posting has been purchased by Year 11 Engineering students of Inaburra, a private School located on the southern edge of Sydney, Australia. The class of twenty students have wasted no time in starting work on the car despite its rustic charms. As their Engineering Studies teacher I was amazed when in the space of one lesson the students organised themselves to clean the vehicle of its miscellaneous tyres, beer cans, grass clippings etc, removed a large quantity of oil off the pan and then separated the various fibreglass mouldings and frames. It was as if the car was being swarmed by ants.

Click to zoom in to the Schoolyard Siva being worked on.The intention at this stage is to try something a little different and fit the car with an Electric Motor. The idea of going electric has gathered support and seems timely given the current state of Australian fuel prices. Some components that came with the car are in need of repair; there is a hand sized ding in the back corner for example and the steel reinforcement in the doors have rusted causing the skins do delaminate in places.

Whether the car is a Siva Saluki or a very close copy is a bit unclear. The car seems almost identical to Jaoa Andrade’s car and I had convinced myself (and others) before collecting it, that it was a Siva Saluki, although how it came to be in Sydney would have been a mystery. Now that we have the car it appears to be wider in the back to accommodate fatter rear tyres and there are a number of moulded lines that join the body to the rear wheel arches.

The seller maintains the car is one of two that were built from original moulds in Sydney and that the other is currently road registered. To simplify matters we will probably get the car going and consider the practicality of registration later. We also hope to have the body painted within a couple of weeks!

Thanks to our principal, Dr Paul Burgis and Inaburra P and F for their support.”

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