Siva Saluki vs Charger?

My friend Joe Lee sends a few pictures of what he says is a “Siva Saluki” (more information here at this Siva history site), but to me (and to him) it also looks an aweful lot like the UK based Charger kit (slightly more common). I don’t know which is a copy of which. He thinks it’s inspired by the Lancia Stratos (the wild looking prototype, not the production vehcile), whereas I am starting to far less stand by my original theory that it’s inspired by the Aston Martin Bulldog (click the “Mystery Cars” link above to see that Charger). Anyone know anything more or know the source of the pictures? Please email me or post what you know as a comment!

The leftmost picture is the Lancia Stratos concept. Thanks again to Joe! Here’s what I’ve been able to find out so far:

The car originally came out in 1973 and sold for 395 pounds (just under $6000 in 2006 US dollars). It is of course VW based, only twelve were made, and only one is believed to exist (but I think that may be incorrect).

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  1. Mark says:

    The Saluki was produced well before the Charger or the Bulldog so was an original design. Those pics come from when it was sold on Ebay in 2004/5. It was sold by a chap who seems to keep a stash of oddball motors; last time he was selling a Lagonda.

  2. Joao Andrade says:

    In response to your web page, I must say I own an original Siva Saluki Fully restored just a couple of years ago. It has an 1600cc VW Engine and an upgrade cockpit with a fully working Honda crx dash. I own it since 1976.
    I am thinking about putting it for sale so I would like to have an idea about it´s value.Thank you.
    Joao d´Andrade.

  3. faja says:

    i am trying to find the car like this one i found on a web site from i think was germany? it looked like the same car but had a different name. i will leave it in comments as soon as i relocate it.

  4. allan ayling says:

    hi, just looking at the pictures and can confirm this car was owned by me about a year ago. it is definately a siva saluki, more pictures at and click on the siva gallery. (this is my brothers site) i dont know an awful lot about the car and its history but i know of another one back in the 70’s when my dad took a white one in his truck from gosport england to the north of the country but cant remember where, i can ask him if you are interested. you have my email and can supply a few other pictures if you want them. allan ayling

  5. dave c says:

    the pictures are of a Siva Saluki not a charger – these were chunkier
    checked fotos with an old book called Specialist Sports Cars by pj filby published 1974

  6. tony says:

    just like to say that the car on this site is definately a siva saluki,i have owned two and at present have an original 70s siva saluki in white which was the same as the original demonstrator used by the factory and on the colour brochure,if anyone has any interesting info or a car themself in the uk, i would love to hear from them. thanks tony, 07811 492195

  7. There was one contemporary design of the time that is arguably an influence behind the design of the Siva Saluki and its derivatives; the Ferrari Modulo concept car by Pininfarina. (see nice pics here:

    If I recall correctly, it was designed in 1970 (the year I was born) and made it’s debut in Geneva that year. – John

  8. mike jack says:

    i have just been and picked up a saluki for a friend of mine , its a car i know nothing about but he got interested when he found out it was vw based, he also has a charger (mk11) , does anyone know anymore information about these weird cars, it looks like a real challenge to renovate , but could be fun ,any help would be appreciated .
    he was told only 12 were made , but that it was used in the gerry anderson space 1999 series on telly in the 70s can anyone confirm this ? any help please e mail me at cheers

  9. nameless says:

    looks like a Vector prototype, probably a W2 that they ditched, why i don’t know, they are at least $1.2 million today in prime condition, this might be a replica or not at all. take it from me (areospace engineer) it looks like it has good areo and probably lots of downforce, i can’t tell from photos.

  10. nameless says:

    i take that back, nothing like any vector models, but resembles one, it (don’t say due or da-da-da to this, nabor is a former Lockheed engineer from F117 project weird but true) is eqiped w/ carbon fiber body panels or iron ball paint will make it almost invisible to a radar gun. why are there two paint jobs shown?

  11. Scott Nichols says:

    Hi I have what I believe to be a embeesea (mbc) charger 2 any info would be appreciated, the front windscreen is a cortina Tc td the back is a Citroen gs vw beetle chassis & motor in Australia

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