Kellison Astra GT “Convertible” on craigslist

So I spied this Sweet Astra GT Convertible made by Fiberfab COUGH COUGH. Well as we know fiberfab didn’t make it and well it did not come out of the mold a vert.  UGH! Why would anyone do this? Well I emailed the seller to let him know it was not a fiberfab car and to ask him about the roof and I got…

“The car was un-usable with the hard top unless you are 5 foot tall or less. Still have the top”  .

At 5’7″ I fit just fine in about 99% of kit cars, and the Astra is no exception. Maybe this didn’t have drop pans? Would you cut the roof of your car or just find a car that works for you?

Its listed in Virginia – Hampton Roads and for $3000 you can have this bastardized Astra GT

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