Kellsion Astra GT Project Car

Another quite rare car made by Kellison in the sixties, this Astra GT body is up for sale right now in Sacramento, CA. The good news for someone looking to build this car is that the Astra GT was originally advertised with a twelve hour build time, which I suspect is overly ambitious, but is indicative of it being a relatively straightforward project. The other interesting thing about this kit is that it’s one of the very small number of exotics in a 2+2 configuration, for those of you with kids.

About twenty of these are believed to have been made, with probably only a quarter of that still existing. The seller ( is asking only $1,000 for the body, $400 for a windshield (from a ’64 Corvette), $800 for a Corvair Spyder driveline (V6 turbo, mated to a 4-speed VW transmission), and $300 for the VW pan. The car comes with full history and the manual. This is a great purchase for someone wanting to build a well executed classic car.

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