“Kit Car Seeks Victim”

I asked Tucker if I could post about his two kits he’s got up for sale, a Kelmark GT and a Fiberfab Valkyrie (both located in Tahlequah — near Tulsa), and he said, “fine with me… the more potential victims, er, buyers, the better!!!”

It’s so true!

Kit cars seem to be these albatrosses that hang around people’s necks until they eventually land in the garage of the person that turns them into the amazing beauties they have the potential to be. Both the Kelmark and the Valkyrie are some of my favorite kit cars, and Tucker is asking only $1,500 for the first, and $2,000 for the latter. The Kelmark is on a VW pan, and the Valkyrie is on a square tube frame with a Corvair transaxle and a radiator up front. As Tucker says about the Valkyrie — and I think this really applies to both cars — “it won’t be a weekend project by any means, but for the right guy it will make a super car.”

Willing victims should write him at W*****@aol.com.

He’s decided to keep them!

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  1. Rick Berry says:

    Small world. I happen to live in tahlequah and know Brian Tucker. I recently spoke with him when he was cleaning out the shop and he decided to sell the cars AGAIN. I listed them for him on a couple of sites and took around 15-20 pics as well as mentioned it in my Avenger group. I have not spoke with him since, but the cars were gone in about 3 weeks. He was still asking $1500 for the Kelmark but he wanted $5,000 for the valkyrie now. I can’t say if he got it or not, But I held my breath when he mentioned it….fyi for $2000 I would have grabbed it, but as usual the timing was not right. Besides my Avenger GT12 is already taking up my shop and I have not done a thing with it.

  2. Bats says:

    That is weird, I saw that Valk posted on craigslist months back, I was grinding over it for a while then I spoke to Mr Tucker on the phone and he was all willing to take 2K for the Valk, then I believe it dropped to 1500 he told me he had lost the place they were being stored or was moving, something placed a deadline on moving the car out from where it was,
    I was trying to set up transport and that cost made it not worth it to me because while the Valk is a great body my Mid engineering chassis is 95 inch wheelbase so I bought a Couple GT40k bodies,
    If the price for the project/basketcase Valk is 5K now I doubt that will happen since running driver mid engine Fiberfab GT’s pass thru Fleabay and with the last one in near show condition bidding only hit 7800.00
    From what I have seen 1000-2500 for a valk in that condition needing full rebuilding is about the fair going rate.

    BTW I have a friend selling a mid engine Ford V8 Avenger, it needs paint and some finish but is a driver and has some great work in it, not a hack job, if anyone has intrest hit me up in my email, he wanted like 7500.00

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