Invader GT for sale in BC

Back in 1978 Len found this Invader GT’s body in a guy’s garage in Langley, BC, and fell in love with the shape of the fenders. He bought the body from him in 1978 and built the car up to where it is now, doing all the work himself, originally finishing it in Shell Oil yellow (that’s what the last photos in the set are). After a while he put it into storage in his brother’s barn, where it sat for a decade. He then pulled it out, and had to basically start over mechanically since the engine was seized, and he also changed the colour and body lines at the time, and then drove it until 2003. Since then he’s driven it out of the garage weekly to make sure the problem of the engine seizing up due to neglect doesn’t happen again.

The Invader was repainted about a week ago and is running well and is registered as a 1972 Volkswagen. Len is located in Cloverdale, BC (near Vancouver), and is asking $4,500. I think especially if someone builds the half doors (check out the other entries on Invaders here) they’ll have an amazing car. Reach him at

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  1. Rick says:

    wow-that’s outrageous! Love it!

    tho the yellow I think fits the “in your face”-ness of this car better. Or maybe some 70’s “grape” or orange?

  2. Lawrence says:

    I am looking to buy a body part of an Invader GT. I had one but the fiberglass in the rear was crashed in an accident. If you have one and is not in working condition, please contact me. Thanks.

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