Long & Newman Pantera

I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know I just spotted what looking like a Long & Newman Pantera Kit Car on craigslist. From what I can gather from a few other websites on the interwebs this one has been for sale since at least February 2016 .

As with most sellers on craigslist there is never really any info on the car. This listing just says its a Pantera Kit Car it has a 3.8 turbo, vw trans, no glass, no interior, no vin, and no title. Oh and that it is $3000 . I cant really tell you if that is a good price, a bad price or what the right price should be. My gut tells me 20 one hundred dollar bills in the sellers hands would take it away.

To give you a bit of info on these cars we dug into the archives.

Long & Newman Enterprises was a California based company . Lynn Long and Tony Newman operated a fiberglass shop and built the Datsun based Neoclassic called the Spartan as well as the Vector twin turbo.In addition Lynn also owned a Pantera repair shop ,

They offered this kit in a V6 version that ran a Chevy Citation engine and running gear. It was claimed to provide 37 MPG at the time. If the gas sipping V6 was not your style (this is a pantera replica after all) you could purchase their V8 chassis option. This would allow you to be a bit more authentic and run a Ford 351 with a ZF Transaxle.

When you purchased one of these kits it came to you with the doors, deck, and hood aligned and installed and the gelcoat color of your liking.

Im sure I have much more info on these but I will need to dig it out.

So what do you think? What would you pay for this car and what would you do with it? Seems that will the prices of a Pantera these days this could be a lot of fun for a small bit of cash.

If I was not on the other side of the US I might even make an offer on it.