And the Award for the WORST Kit Car goes to…. THIS ABOMINATION. I get that kit cars are sometimes created as someones vision, but the designer of this kit car must have been half blind. I just came across this horrific sight on Craigslist and I just had to share with everyone to see if they had the same reaction.

Lets just start by seeing what the seller has to say about this thing……

Very unique kit car. one of a kind .Gull wing doors. It has a rear end but no front suspension. NO TITLE. make offer or trade for running motorcycle.

Im not even sure where to start with this thing. This is everything that is wrong with bad Kit Cars. I have seen many kit cars in my day and this one really does take the cake for about the worst one I have ever seen. It is like a Countach, met a 70s vette, met a I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! What I do know is this could be the worst kit car I have ever seen. I’m not even joking about it. It is that bad!

I want to email the seller and see what the heck he knows about this thing and why someone thought this was a good idea. But to be honest I just cant bring myself to it. I wonder what kind of running motorcycle the seller is looking for? It must be one of those little chainsaw engine chopper things that were popular a few years ago. I am assuming the seller has cash to put on top HAHAHA.

Behold the photos!!!!!