Award for The WORST Kit Car

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  1. Rich says:

    The tail light area looks nice lol. The fiberglass work looks pretty good. Other than that what were they thinking?!?!?!?!

  2. Seth Darvick says:

    Dear Donnie,
    As most kit car fans can plainly see, 99% of kit cars are beautiful pieces of rolling art. Lol! Yeah right!.

    I do think that you should have one rule before anything is deemed worthy of “World’s Worst Kit Car” or anything close to that honor–a car should be finished. It would also be helpful if there was more than one of them for comparison purposes and to see if the builder followed instructions or modified the car somehow (see Chanera) for example. Not sure of its spelling, but as an add on kit to Camaro, to me should have its own category. You could also do a “one off” category. Maybe have a masterpiece of the month?
    You could have runner ups to a yearly promo where some car is crowned. Instead of some hot chic standing next to the victor, you could have some alcoholic grandma appear instead.

    Maybe you could get a hold of some former designer and interview them for reasons like “Why put the scoop there instead of the hood?”

    I am sure that the kit companies that are doing well ( Factory Five, Dragon Motor cars, Panoz, ERA, Lucra, Mullen, Fiber Fab, Equus, Vaydor, Hennessy Motors and others would be more than happy to grant an interview and supply you with pics–maybe even a loaner car for the day.

    But in my opinion the ugliest kit car in USA so far has been that Enzo rip off that sits atop a Fiero. Everyone knows that car. There is one in yellow and either another one in red or this guy had it repainted. It looks like a toy and says Ferrari in huge letters all over it. Fake buttons, lights, whistles etc, That should be your barometer for ugly.

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