Manta in Naples Florida

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  1. I need to purchase ASAP. I have cash.
    I drove a real McLaren M8E to victory many times.
    I need to relive this dream.
    Please respond.

  2. Mark Leverenz says:

    Please . Is the car still for sale? Call me -seriously interested. 920 892 4008 or 920 917 5131. Thank you Mark

  3. Michael says:

    Is this car still available? Need this for 2 months (June-July) for a brand’s publicity stunt. Email me for further correspondence.


  4. Ken Russell says:

    Am interested in buying a Manta “Mirage” only

  5. Chris says:

    Very interested in the Manta’s as well! I have loved these cars since the early 80’s! I love to connect with an owner to see it and see how it drives. I will be in the market after I sell my Vette.

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