Manta in Naples Florida

I wish I had a bit more info to add to this post, but here is it…..

Larry just send in these photos of a Manta he picked up in Naples. Thats all!

Enjoy and as always if you are a kit car you would like us to post on price of his toys feel free to use the contact page and send us some photos and detailed information. We love to see what our readers are driving.

7 Responses

  1. I need to purchase ASAP. I have cash.
    I drove a real McLaren M8E to victory many times.
    I need to relive this dream.
    Please respond.

  2. Mark Leverenz says:

    Please . Is the car still for sale? Call me -seriously interested. 920 892 4008 or 920 917 5131. Thank you Mark

  3. Michael says:

    Is this car still available? Need this for 2 months (June-July) for a brand’s publicity stunt. Email me for further correspondence.


  4. Ken Russell says:

    Am interested in buying a Manta “Mirage” only

  5. Chris says:

    Very interested in the Manta’s as well! I have loved these cars since the early 80’s! I love to connect with an owner to see it and see how it drives. I will be in the market after I sell my Vette.

  6. James stewart says:

    Is this car still available. Very interested in the car. My dad and I have been looking for one

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