Manta Mirage on eBay

Check out this rough but complete Manta Mirage located in Florida. Looks like a good start for someone in the market, but will need some attention to be a great driver. They have it listed with a BIN of $8500. To check out the listingĀ  Click Here


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  1. bats says:

    I love these cars but this one seems to be far more kit than car, it needs a full restroation then the windscreen, sorry last I heard they are NOT being made.
    the drive train is the same as the Valkyrie except the valks have better front suspenions, well by a little, VW vs corvair…
    considering the economy and the work and money involved I doubt the BIN will get met as some really nice turn keys sell for not all that much more.

  2. Rick says:

    Hi Paul,
    Actually, windshields are available through the Manta website, though they are acrylic and not DOT compliant. As the ad goes “for off-road use only”… which means that you could race it if the spirit moved you, but you couldn’t take it on the street. Shame, though… one more vintage car that parts are getting scarcer to find.

  3. the13bats says:

    I thought Dave desolved the manta website and moved on…I see it’s back very cool! but 900 plus for a plastic screen?!?!?!?….well, plastic isn’t a windshield to me, especially since the car would never be street legal with it, so not to split hairs but I still say windshields ( real ones, to me ) are not being made, when / if they start on the DOT laminated glass ones again, I will change my opinion on it.

    The thing that set the Manta cars apart from basically all other grass roots kit cars was that unique glass windscreen, not from a donor without it…well, it’s just sad,

    The Bradley had custom glass and the Aztec 7 had that pricey hard to find Lambo glass…very depressing that lack of glass makes some of these cars nothing more than cool yard art.

  4. Charles Smith says:

    Dear Owner,
    I have been trying to buy a Manta for three years. Every time I find one it is sold. Please help me.

  5. Chris Kowalski says:

    Looking for a turnkey manta mirage must have clean title v8 etc. Have cash for the right vehicle.. Please call Chris 201 702 3527 thank u

  6. Chris says:

    Looking for a Manta Mirage with V8 and I would really like to get this car! E-mail or call me.

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