Stunning Black Manta

Seems this car was just listed and sold not too long ago.
We can’t see much in the couple pictures, the black looks stunning and it does look very complete and unmolested,
The way the ad reads it could make me believe the car was bought to flip, the seller knows or is telling little about it.
While I am no big fan of a VW front suspension under a fire breathing mid engine car the Corvair gearbox in the “manta/kelmark” turned around 180 was the real weak link, the quill shaft is frail, no hole shots, the gearing is for a low power car so 1st gear isn’t used much and you do lots of shifting in traffic,
The way the differential is being loaded running in reverse and no oil flow on the ring and pinion substantially reduce it’s life span.
Being I do love these cars I have seen some fixes during the years, but the age of the Corvair parts making them hard to find and the band aid fixes adds up to a savvy Mirage builder should just step up to a nice Audi or Porsche transaxle and be done with it.
The seller admits it needs a full restoration so if you are in the market, considering the economy either pick this one up at a good price of just buy a turn key and go play.

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  1. Rich says:

    This one was up recently . It’s got everything you need except a title . Could be the buyer got it then tried to get it titled and found too many hoops to jump through. But it is sexy with lots of potential.

  2. bats says:

    Could be Rich,
    More than once I wanted to buy a car in comparible condition with no title, after a long talk with the lady in charge of such things at the Florida DMV I learned that I could not have in any easy way titled the thing, a bill of sale will not do it on a complete car, FL wants details on where all the major parts came from, ( so saying you built it won’t work ) and one sorce of all/most parts won’t float either, their stand is if it “looks” like car being that complete then it should have a title from the seller.
    This all is made worse with each state being different.

    After we get past the title issues perhaps the buyer got scared of that rebuild….it would take a pile of time and money.

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