Mystery Laser 917D in Toronto

A while back I had a really lucky day when it came to car sightings… first I followed a Pantera down the street, and then a stunning V8-based Manta Montage. Finally I noticed a VW-based D-type Laser 917 in a state of slight disrepair sitting in a driveway near Eglington Ave. West and Jane St. in Toronto… I stopped to see if I could find the owner, but no luck.

Unfortunately, like too many kits, it’s sitting in the dirt with tailpipes full of mud… I left a note on the car, but never got a call, so if you know anything about this car, drop me a line.

Yes, this means that I have no ethical obligation to trespassing when it comes to seeing kit cars.

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  1. Wldfire says:

    Wow! That looks like it has alot of potental! Hope someone can help you find out more about it!

  2. Ken Foss says:

    I have one 4-sale I’ve had it for 21 years 815-456-2492

  3. Paul Vaine says:

    For some weird reason this car draws me in,
    It is a shame someone is just letting it sit and rot,
    And it’s the “D” body the Laser to have IMHO.
    What engine is it running? the exhaust isn’t in the right place for a bug engine???

  4. manfred says:

    hi i found the location of this white laser.the owner of the house tell’s me,that the car has not been there since 2004 and does not know a forwarding adresse of the tennent

  5. alex says:

    Mine is for sale. Needs interior and cleanup. 325-450-9588

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