Nicest first-gen Laser 917 out there?

I was really wowed when Barry from San Diego sent me this photo and description of his car. It’s a series A Laser 917 (serial number unknown), although you can see that extensive body work has been done. The core chassis is Porsche 914, as is the built 5-speed transmission, and the suspension and brakes are Porsche 911. To top it all off, it’s powered by a Chevy 350 V8 — this is almost certainly the fastest and best handling Laser 917A on the street.

Oh, and he’s running Potenza tires and a custom interior…. I should post more pictures of his supercar I think!

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  1. Paul Petrosky says:

    I own A 917 and I’m about to do an engine swap, I’m looking to get some info on any tips and suggestions to for this engine swap. Please if anyone out there can help me in this, respond to I’ll appreciate anyone’s advice and help.

  2. Richard Holmgren says:

    I would be VERY interested in obtaining more pictures of this 917. I sold my 917 three years ago. It was s/n 107 also a model A.

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