Not a kit car but still pretty cool!!!

Who says we always have to post about kit cars? Today if one of those days and this one was just too cool and not something you see every day. What you are looking at is a 1965 Ford E-100 Van. It has 50,000 miles on a rebuilt motor, a 3 speed manual transmission, and has had the same human for the past 16 years.

Sure it has a few issues such as a sealed up drivers door and a window that has not do down, but it sure would be cool. Check out the auction here


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  1. bucky says:

    In California, that let you drive a vehicle with no exit door?
    Not here on the eastcoast if originally equiped.
    Looks like damage at the top at the hinge to the door, front wall.
    But cool never the less. reminds me of my flat glass GMC days as a small wave surfer.

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