Nova MkII Kit Car

Speaking of the Nova, here’s one for sale in Neath Port Talbot, UK (#200233437106). It’s built to original specifications with no modifications, on a 1500cc 1969 VW Beetle chassis. Everything is new and it’s barely been driven, with less than 1700 miles recorded. A great car that’s perfect for someone looking to own one of the kit car industry’s classic designs in it’s original forms — the Nova/Sterling has been through at least a dozen iterations under a dozen corporations.

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  1. Bertha Kelly says:

    I have a nova myself and i only wish it was in as good a shape as your’s i would be interested in what your price range is on your one as i would be very interested in it.I hope to have my own on the road again and would like to know where i could get parts for them.I hope to hear from you thank you

  2. Jim says:

    check out the web site for info on Nova’s around the world.

  3. matt says:

    where can i get one that i can build bymyself? like kit form

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