Early Model Eagle SS

In the early eighties Tim Dutton (who now makes amphibious cars) brought the Cimbria kit car to the UK and rebranded it as the “Eagle SS” after making minor cosmetic changes like pop-up lights molded from a Porsche 928. Ironically, this was done to challenge the Nova’s reign as the exotic kit car of choice, and the Cimbria was based on the Sterling, the American version of the Nova! The first versions of the Eagle SS were built on a VW Beetle chassis like the Cimbria and Nova/Sterling, but later versions actually managed a front-engined setup on a Ford Cortina driveline — a remarkable achievement given the car’s extremely low profile!

This Eagle SS on eBay (#280240230047, currently at a scant no-reserve £100 with two days to go — wow) is one of the early VW versions, and while it’s running and relatively solid, needs attention from top to bottom to get it looking good. Be sure to check out the Eagle Owners Club website for more information if you’re interested.

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  1. Rupert says:

    so – that £100 Ebay Eagle was mine several years ago – infact I had the new bonnet seperatly as the original blew off mid transport. The Goodyear wheels are worth more than £100 alone! but its not solid and engine had not run for some time. It would be worth rescuing though and hope someone did eventually buy it and do it up!

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