Our vwkitcars.com project is now complete……

Hey Everyone,

I am please to announce that the car is complete and on the road. There are still a few odds and ends to tie up just like any project but that is part of it. I hope you all enjoyed the progress and keep your eyes peeled for our next project. Also if you have a vw kit car project you are working on we would love to see it.

4 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Very nice! fantastic color

  2. Bruce says:

    Looks great. Isn’t this a Scorpion GT (instead of a Bradley GT)? They had the same back end and different front end.

    Just discovered the website. Looks like a great avenue to share info with and learn from other vw based kit enthusiasts.

    I have 3 kits to start working on soon. A Bradley GT, a Cimbria and a Cimbria SS. Think I’m gonna start the SS first. Will send pictures of the build if you think you would like them.

    • admin says:

      Hey Bruce. Thanks for the comment. This is NOT a scorpion gt. The Bradley GT data plate is still on the car and you can see there the bradley front support was cut and the kelmark gt front end was bonded to it. If you do a search on a scorpion gt you can see several differences. I cant wait to see your build progress. I like the Cimbria/SS great looking kit

      • Bruce says:

        Was I way off. The scorpion front end was totally different. I guess after having 2 Bradley GTs in the past. Marrying that Kelmark front end to one just threw me off.

        I should have known better though, because my second favoite kit in the old days, was a Kelmark GT (after the Cimbria SS). When I was 17 I drove a ’69 Toronado (with a 455 engine). I had (and still have) a Kit Car Guide that had a feature of a Kelmark with a 455 olds engine. Had to have wheelie bars in the back to keep it from standing straight up. I day-dreamed of building one just like it. But at 17, no money, no skills, and lets not even talk about insurance!!!


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