Rotary Engine Riot

Designed and formerly manufactured by Thunder Ranch, available both as a VW kit and a tube-chassis car capable of accepting many engine configurations, this Riot is the latter type, built around a Mazda 13B turbo II engine and a 5-speed Porsche transmission from a 911. Engine specs include:

  • Street ported, shot peened gears, 3mm apex seals
  • Oil metering reworked to inject clean burning 2 stroke oil
  • Turbocharged with big Garrett t04E liquid cooled turbo, stainless exh. manifold, Turbonetics wastegate, huge intercooler, SX BOV
  • Custom built tuned intake manifold, Holley 750cfm 4bbl throttle body
  • Haltech ECU controlling ignition, 2 stage fuel injection, water injection, NO2

The engine dynos at 240 HP with 250 ft/lb of torque, tunable with boost increase to 300 HP — the fully installed but never used NOS system adds another 50 HP. It’s got Fittipaldi wheels and steering wheel, Recaro seats, Simpson 5 way competition harnesses, a fully carpeted interior, VDO gauges (electronic speedo, tach, EGT, boost, temp, oil, fuel), and more.

My only complaint about the Riot is that for some reason it’s really easy to tell the body doesn’t have an interior shell (ie. no inner fenders and so on), but it looks like that issue has been addressed in this car. Robert is asking $13,000 and is located in Orange, CA. You can reach him by email at

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