“Sorta” XJ-220 replica

This is a good example of a one-off project that someone has poured incredible amounts of work into, but sadly produced something with rather homely lines in my opinion. It had hit $10,100 on eBay when I last looked, but was removed so I can’t see if it sold or not (seller was waitinstaten). A real XJ220 is a long, low, and beautiful design. While the designer of this one claims his admittedly “aesthetically unfinished” version is more “aggressive”, I get more of a “fat and weird” vibe. Sorry. I’ll keep the fat and weird in my life to my human self and human friends.

The car is built on a 9-inch stretch Fiero chassis (also widened about two feet) and runs and drives fine. The body was actually designed before the Jaguar XJ220 actually made it to production, so it’s not a replica, nor is it a kit. It’s literally handmade and inspired by the prototypes.

sorta-xj220-4.jpg sorta-xj220-3.jpg sorta-xj220-2.jpg sorta-xj220-1.jpg

You may recognize (and I think this was a mistake) the roof and windshield from a ’92 Dodge Intrepid, and the rear hatch from a Datsun 280Z. The whole thing was smoothed with body filler and block sanded with filling primer to bring it to shape. All of this was then waxed and a mold was taken off of it, in which a new body was formed. The flip headlights are from a 90’s Corvette (the “coverless” kind that rotates 180 degrees), and the rear view mirrors are Ferrari Testarossa copies. The scissor doors (with custom glass windows) are push-button with linear actuators, and the dash is a full digital unit from Dakota Digital.

My hat’s definitely off to the effort the builder put into it and the quality car they seem to have created, but I just can’t get into the aesthetics.

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  1. Dave says:

    I have to say, thats one of the smoothest kits Ive seen in a while.

  2. Ian says:

    To me the front end of that car looks a lot like a ford probe front end. But still a really smooth looking car.

  3. Andrew says:

    where can i buy it?

  4. Andrew says:

    where can i buy it?

  5. acronus says:

    Ok, it’s not quite an XJ220, but it’s one of the slickest kits i’ve seen. It’s very…uuhhh, (whats the dead opposite of cheesy?)

  6. Granite69 says:

    Can it be bought or the kit like it?

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