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Hey Everyone,

Instead of trolling ebay for single posts I have decided to give this a go. You will be able to see a listing of several kit cars and just click on the one you like and go and check it out. I hope this is useful to everyone.


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  1. the13bats says:

    This one seems to be a lot nicer than most I have personally seen, too bad it’s just a VW…Lol, did I just say that?
    Okay, you know I love VW’s but the Jamican was a very unique car, it could be placed on a VW pan OR a full frame with front engine and while I did take a poke at the VW I would believe that a car like this, add AC would make a hell of a cool daily driver with Z car style, not too radical it could be a lot of fun.
    I did call the seller on this one curious about the Kelmark and GT40 in the background of a couple pictures,
    The Kelmark was Porsche powered and had AC but it is sold, the GT40 is made on a Fiero and I never cared for the too short too tall look of a Fiero GT40

    Green Avenger:
    When I first saw what bidding was up to I did a double take, that’s more than I paid for my Valkyrie,
    I then see the engine and custom frame and understand what the bidding furor is for some but in this case the car is way more project than car, it has a lot of work left to do and money to be dumped into it,
    I have to fall back on what I saw Shannon once post on here about a Texas Valkyrie, “Kit car seeks victim”

    Gold Bradley:
    If there is a red headed bastard step child of the Kit car world I guess sadly the Bradley is it,
    Seems to me it’s unfair that I have ran into so many people who trash the Bradley, it “IS” in my opinion what made “kit cars” what they are, I can’t count how many times I was in my Sterling or Avenger and was told or asked if it was a “Bradley”
    Seems the Bradley should be the top dog in the kit car hall of fame.
    This one is up in bidding higher than many in this condition fetch….I hope it finds a loving home.
    Long live metal flake!

    Black primer Avenger with Taurus:
    This is new to me, trying to sell a basket case Kit car?…toss in a near basket case Taurus as a donor,
    Nothing wrong with a FWD cradle in the rear to build a mid engine car, it’s what GM did to make the Fiero but from start to finish this poor Avenger has a long road ahead of it.

    The 1970 Black Avenger:
    I liked it from the front, then get to the rear the wing is cattywampus, yuck!
    I guess the builder felt they needed the weird scoop for the V-6 which sadly just do not work well hanging from a VW transaxle,
    I had an Avenger with the same set up, drove it daily over a year but it handled like a bumble bee with a wrecking ball tied to it’s ass.
    The gearing is all wrong so you take off in 2nd and in traffic shift a lot,
    If you do a hard hole shot or even run the gears too hard you will grenade the VW gear box.
    My question is why is the car wearing a”Porsche” front badge?

    These were one of those somewhat rare kits are really caught on fire with popularity, and I am an odd ball I never got it, while I do think the workmanship is great and the styling is top shelf if I wanted a Jeep I would buy a Jeep,
    But I guess if a person wants an under powered Jeep or a jacked up dune buggy this car is the winner.

    4 seat Dune Buggy:
    I always loved open air cars, so buggies are high on my list,
    This one seems pretty nice and has that vague neo classic look that was a trend for a spell.

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