“Step into the car of the future”

Another ultra-rare car — it really is amazing how many of these limited production kits still exist — Dan managed to find what he later discovered was a Sirocco GT Coupe. He posted pictures asking for help identifying it and got a variety of answers, until one day, reading the August 1970 issue of Road Test Dune Buggy he found an ad for it.

The kit, an admittedly “odd” interpretation of the GT 40, sold for $695 (although I’ve also seen it listed at $1,195), which came with the body with doors hung, seats, and interior, ready to fit on a standard length VW chassis. If you’re wondering about the oddly shaped windshield, all the glass was flat, so you could go to any autoglass shop to get it cut from a template.

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  1. Don maclean says:

    Have a 1952 mgtd kit car were can I find parts

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