Out Countaching a Countach

Bob is selling (#270244501530) this very strange even more wedge-like interpretation of the already wedge shaped Lamborghini Countach for his dad — it’s located in Letchworth Herts, UK (near Stansted Airport in Essex), and is currently sitting at £300 with no bids. His father bought it years ago in its current state, and they don’t know anything about it’s history or designer — my assumption is that it’s a one-off project. Apparently it’s sized to fit a VW chassis, but it’s never been mounted to anything.

Edit: This car has since been identified as a “Panache” kit car.

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  1. scot says:

    I see some bulldog concept in the front of it…

    Could be a fun car.. but it pains me to see lambo printed all over it.. why not just have fun with a unique car and not try to pass it off?

  2. joe lee says:

    that kit called “Panache” ,i have a few pictures about that car,if you want,i can email you.

  3. Jay says:

    I saw one of these completed on youtube and to my understanding it got smoked by a Buick GNX Replica.

    It looks more like the Dome zero concept than a Countach.

  4. lloyd says:

    if you could give me your number and will let it go at 300 pounds then i will buy it just let me know if its still up for sale! as ive been looking for a contach type shell for along time and keep getting out bid on most cars or shells! thank you and the shell looks to be in great shape! my phone number is 07990716537

  1. July 6, 2008

    […] to my friend Joe Lee for helping identify the “Panache” kit car that was previously posted as a mystery vehicle… From the back it looks like a traditional […]

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