SUPER RARE Avenger GT :)

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  1. Rich says:

    Well it’s the rear wing thats $3,500 the car is $500. Well it’s nice looking despite the wing .

  2. bats says:

    This is the last gen of the Avengers, the one piece body, you got at the engine through a hatch in the rear,
    The doors are long, to the ground and the side glass is one piece these I hate to say these are my least favorite Avengers,
    I would guess this is the style the most were produced.
    This one has been up and down for sale for a while now.
    This example has some custom touches, the fender lips jut out oddly and it has a extra little scoop on the sides of the tail.
    The rear has a silly hole cut in the deck to clear some carb/air filter that should have cleared with no hacking, the rear also sports an aftermarket Fast and Frivolous wing,
    While I am a fan of wings this one isn’t right for the car, starting with too tall, look at the Lotus wing, that’s what I have in mind for my Valkyrie.
    The front has a weird bumper it looks like conduit and really only seems to ruin the lines.
    Fix the head lights and an oil leak. that could be easy or it could mean it needs new wiring and the case split.
    “super rare” perhaps only because of the custom touches,
    4 K ? or swap for something of the same value.
    “IF” it really will start and drive then perhaps this is a 2K car but many like this fetch less.
    Guess that is why it’s been out there for sale for a while.

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