The “Laser 917X”

An eBay (#160308413156) seller has just posted this Laser 917 that he’s decided to start the big project of building custom ground effects for it… I guess the project ended up being a little too much for him as it’s now up for sale. I like where he’s going on the front end, but the rear panels (grafted from some import racer bodykit) leave a lot to be desired in my opinion… Luckily no real damage has been done yet so there’s no reason that a buyer needs to stay committed to it.

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  1. VF1Skullangel says:

    That bodykit came off a Ab Flug Supra.

    I think it looks great just needs to be completed and man id love to get my hands on it and build that baby up with a 3.8 V6 engine for go.

  2. Bats says:

    Well here is a post that is sad for me in a way,
    When I first went looking for a laser a few years ago thru a veil of smoke and mirrors and shady people I was offered this famed “David Richardson” car ( he had sold it )
    I didn’t buy the car for several reasons ranging from it being overpriced to not having a legal title,
    The deal not working out was a God send for me as I scored my red stink bug Laser 917 custom built on a full chassis, for less money.
    I knew the Richardson car was being allowed to ruin in a field where it had sat out in the weather on the Florida coast for years even thru a few hurricanes, I wonder what shape the thing was in?
    I did wonder what was to become of it as the asking price for a basket case was in my opinion far too high, seeing what Lasers sell for they are the hidden bargain in the world of Grass roots kit cars,
    A few weeks back I saw the Richardson Laser posted, somewhere for sale, while the Corvette fender vents and larger rear scoops are pretty cool, the tacked on rear body panels just don’t work at all for me, No flow, I doubt they could even be worked into looking right,
    A Laser is a wide car already and these vaguely Testarossa looking “kid racer panels just look dorky tacked on the rear quarters, but hey , that’s just my opinion, your taste might vary.
    Sadly this happens to a lot of kit cars we are dreamers and sometimes we just can’t make that dream come true so we sell the whole nightmare to the next dreamer hoping they can make it happen, sometimes a project is sold over and over thru the years,
    For me all the weird bodywork takes away from the cars appeal and value.
    why would anyone pay 4500.00 for this one above when Lasers in better shape pop up for 1/2 that price.
    On the Plus side this was a rather complete “D” body and even had that weird rare between the seats AC that I would love to score, Richardson had alreadt replaced the fuel tank with a stainless one so no worries there, so loose the panels and restore a cool car

  3. eltranced says:

    damn mclauren center seat! looks nice as is

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