Ok boys and girls. I do not often drool over a kit car of any kind. and I NEVER use the term rare when it comes to them. But this gem really does fit the bill. So much in fact, that this is the first one I have ever seen for sale. The Shrike GT was built in Arizona in the 1970s as I recall (not the 1960s as the ad says) There really is not much info on them anywhere but they are one of the best looking cars I have seen come out of that era. Really sporty . Here is an old picture I got in a photo album I purchased years ago that had what may be their demo car or something. The album came from a gentleman who transported kit cars for major companies in the hay day of kit cars…


From the Craigslist listing…..

I have a very rare Shrike GT. I have posted a article about the car . Should answer most spec questions. Look It up, only a handful made . This is a Roller, no motor or trans. Great deal. Asking 2500 would be open to trade if value is there. Thanks. Please call Mike.


He wants $2500 for the car . I personally think for the right person its a great deal . You might never see another one of these come up again. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/4857852573.html