Bugatti Veyron Kit Car on Ebay – Smoke Another!

If you ever wanted to own a Veyron and cant afford the $1,000,000 price tag today is your lucky day. For the LOW LOW starting bid of just $68,000 you could own this Veryon replica on an amazing FWD Mercury Cougar Chassis. With its 6cyl (Upgraded to turbo) and its automatic transmission I bet it is a pavement pounder….HAAHAHA.

Im sad to even say this car/seller is located in my home state and down the road from me. It has been advertised on craigslist for $75k among other places. I guess a sucker is born everyday. The sucker selling it who really thinks it is worth that kind of money, and the buyer that would consider paying anything more then $6800 for it lol

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