Seems this is a good fun post,
Buck Rogers move over…George Jetson is on the launching pad….

I guess these are kit cycles, I recall the one I messed with many years ago, it had 4 wheels and the wheels in the out riggers or “wings” would see-saw back and forth as the thing ran down the rode tilted to one side or the other.

From what I have read and been told through out the years is some of these had gyros and or hydraulics that would allow the two out rigger wheels to be off the ground while driving along where others had all four wheels on the ground.

Perhaps an owner will add what theirs does as is seems it varies from jet cycle to jet cycle.
These things seem to have a cult following and tend to fetch good money, many movies will still use them for scenes of the future.

The big issue I see is in Florida 4 wheels is a “car” and it would have to be insured and tagged as such. perhaps their is a gray area if all 4 wheels do not touch the ground at the same time.