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Seems this is a good fun post,
Buck Rogers move over…George Jetson is on the launching pad….

I guess these are kit cycles, I recall the one I messed with many years ago, it had 4 wheels and the wheels in the out riggers or “wings” would see-saw back and forth as the thing ran down the rode tilted to one side or the other.

From what I have read and been told through out the years is some of these had gyros and or hydraulics that would allow the two out rigger wheels to be off the ground while driving along where others had all four wheels on the ground.

Perhaps an owner will add what theirs does as is seems it varies from jet cycle to jet cycle.
These things seem to have a cult following and tend to fetch good money, many movies will still use them for scenes of the future.

The big issue I see is in Florida 4 wheels is a “car” and it would have to be insured and tagged as such. perhaps their is a gray area if all 4 wheels do not touch the ground at the same time.

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  1. Rich says:

    The windshield wiper seems optimistic . On wet streets it would more than likely handle like a pig on ice skates. But they are really cool tho.

  2. rick says:

    Nope, an actual production vehicle by the Litestar/Pulse folks:

    Should be able to be registered as a motorcycle in all states due to only two wheels on the ground all the time; the outriggers are for parking and turning!

  3. the13bats says:

    Rick, I took a look at the page you linked and their video, did you notice what they said about the out riggers,

    “As the gyroscopic action of the main wheels increase the outriggers no longer bear weight. It is impossible to tell which outrigger is touching the ground until a turn is made if the air shocks are at the right pressure.

    With no more than three (3) wheels in contact with the ground at any one time, the PULSE is considered a three (3) wheeled vehicle & is licensed as a motorcycle. In certain states a special category of license has been created, such as in Michigan, appropriate for the PULSE, an “autocycle.” ”

    Limited production vehicles seldom get DMV breaks in fact many times have to jump through more loops,

    After reading the above I have to agree, in the picture of the fleet leaving the runway it “looked” like all four wheels are touching and the first paragraph above reads to me almost like a play on words meaning that the outrigger wheels are touching the ground just very lightly. this goes along in a way with what I have seen, the Pulse I have seen driving down the road either leaned hard to one side or both out riggers with touching the ground, ( which looked better than leaning on a straightaway )

    So what I was staying about Florida still stands if four wheels are on the ground at the same time they call it a car, ( The DMV doesn’t care if they are used for take offs and landings, Lol ) one reason the Pulse slipped through the hoops because their are so few of them out there.

    All this can be moot to a degree, if a person when to the FL DMV and showed off their 4 wheel Pulse it will get called a “car” ( if at all )however if they just title it as the donor motorcycle then it would pass as a “motorcycle” until some traffic issue popped up.

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