Ultra RARE 1967 Ferrer GT Kit Car

Oh boy! Its an Ultra RARE 1967 Ferrer GT Kit Car! Can anyone remember a time in the last 20 years that a kit car from the late 1960s or all of the 1970s has not come across as rare? Forget about ULTRA RARE! That is the ultimate kit car right there. It does no matter if it was a Bradley GT, Any Fiberfab car, The Aquila, etc. They are all RARE in the eyes of the owner.

Dont get me wrong. The Ferrer GT kit car was a good looking kit car. The Car was a father/son project of sorts by Frank (Father) and Gary (Son) Fuller. The Ferrer GT kit cars cost almost $3000 in the 1960s. That was a lot of coin. But with 100 cars built it is far from rare. 100 kit cars sold is an impressive number for back them. Heck its an impressive number today. It does not matter much to me how many are left because it does not really equate to added value in kit cars. Never has and most likely never will.

The seller of this Ferrer GT does a decent job of letting people know what it is though and thats a plus…

Ferrer GT- a cross in style of the Porsche 904 and the Ford GT40. The only double-hull constructed kit car body ever built. I had the privilege of speaking with Gary Ferrer (who was 22 at the time they were constructed) about their history. He told me they only built 100 kits, the windshield is from a 1967 Corvette, and this one is the Deluxe model. That means it has chrome windshield trim, inboard door hinges, and flared rear fenders. All of them were white. I have a spare windshield to go with the car. From what I can tell, this is the complete original kit. I also have the original fiberglass bucket seats, plexiglass headlight covers, and plexiglass rear window. If I can find it, I have a Corvair engine adapter that I’ll throw in. The right rear corner was damaged and repaired at some point. The 1600cc Beetle engine was running before I removed the body a couple years ago, and the 1973 chassis has a clear title. The floors needs repair, but are not too bad.

While this car seems complete and even has a title. If I was selling this car I would expect it to have a value of $2500-$3000 Retail. That is not to say some buyer will not be wide eyed at the idea of this being and ULTRA RARE kit car, but I would never use those words in selling one.

If you decided to purchase this kit car you would end up doing a body off restoration. Body work, paint, new wiring, brakes, lines, engine rebuild (or new one), rims, tires, and the list goes on. When its said and done you will have sunk $10,000 into a car that you would be lucky to get $7500 on a good day.

This is just the reality of kit cars like this. You have to understand these are not cars like the Victress, Glasspar , or even Devin. These cars will likely never see Amelia Island or other Concourse shows. They may get some looks at a local car show and a little internet buzz but that’s about it. The Ferrer and other kit cars of the day are great and they are a passion of mine. But I stay realistic when it comes to value and what to expect.

Here is the link to this kit car if you feel like making an offer, and a few photos. http://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/5467965901.html

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  1. Rick says:

    Nothing says ‘kit car’ better than a giant engine hatch at the back of the car! I think the screen door on my house is smaller…

    • Donnie says:

      I got an email from the seller….

      I see you featured my ad with some heckling. There is no price guide
      for these so I had to start somewhere. It is ultra rare compared to
      Bradley and Fiberfabs products, how often do you see Ferrer’s up for
      sale? It’s a complete unmolested kit, what are the chances?

      So lets see. If I recall correctly I posted a really cheap Ferrer GT body just a few weeks ago, and I think 3-4 came up for sale last year. The one that was running and driving did not sell for $5000.

      These are kit cars people. Rare means nothing.

  2. Tyson Ferrer says:

    I’m very interested in this car as my father and brother were the original builders. The ad has been flagged and I’d like to get in contact with the seller. Does someone have the ph # or email to the seller?

    Tyson Ferrer

  3. Tyson says:

    Thanks, Donnie. I’ve sent him an email and have yet to hear back from him. If you ever come across another Ferrer GT. I’d really appreciate it if you’d shoot me an email @ tferrer@gmail.com



    • Donnie says:

      There was also a body that came up for sale just a month or so ago local to me it was just a couple $100 . I’m sure it is long gone

      • Tyson says:

        A couple months ago? Your network is much better than mine. I’ve been looking for a few years. I’d love to find one in relatively good shape to start from. The car in Virginia has obviously been outdoors in the sun for many years. The glass is in quite bad shape in spots based on pics he sent…


  4. Mario Estivalet says:

    The car still for sale….., US$ 1,800.00………. http://www.reachoo.com/ads/86872801

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