Invader GT Kit Car Monster Truck

Check out this Invader GT Kit Car Monster Truck! Ok so its not really a monster truck but it has tires and body lift as big as its price tag. $7500 gets you this $3500 kit car. I don’t say this because I think the invader is one of the ugliest kit cars ever produced, but because they really do not have any value (except to the person trying to sell it) It is a lot like the Bradley GT. They just don’t command a lot of money.

The listing is as follows…

a very cool street legal kit car dune buggy
built on a 1963 VW full size pan, never have to be smogged, runs and drives, registered until 2016
has a 1776cc VW air cooled motor with supertrap exhaust, plenty of power for the weight of the car
surprisingly good gas mileage even with twin 44 webbers
the pan is from a baja bug, 3″ body lift to make life in it more comfortable, reinforced IRS rear, recently rebuilt king pin front end, very heavy duty setup.
I have the gull wing doors for it that I never installed as it’s to worm here not to enjoy the open air and also have louvers for the back, I personally like it better without them and the plan was to make a flat hood with scoops.
drive it on the streets or take it to the beach, it will go anywhere and will get the attention of everyone!
email call or text for more pictures or any question

The plus side to this kit car is unlike most Invader GT Kit Cars this one does have the doors and the louvers. It also has a decent engine with dual carbs. Still only a $3500 car but it does have a few things going for it.

Check it out here

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