Vokaro for sale on eBay

Our editor Paul pointed out this great little Vokaro for sale on eBay . I would like to see more photos of the car and less of the owner and a little more info than the typical stuff so popular with kit cars these days, but it is what it is. Someone really offered him 10k for that? I would have taken it so fast the buyers hand would have broke. Just saying . Check out auction #140728021017

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  1. The13bats says:

    After reading the ad and looking at the so called pictures I keep hearing “Incents and peppermints” playing in my head…what a crime…when I should be hearing something like Red Red Kroovy.
    I love these buggy kits, like the Shala-Vette they have to be just too much fun blasting around, I do believe the 2 seat version of this has a shortened pan and that would make it snappy in handling,
    This one ended without reserve met but the opening bid of 3K wasn’t bad at all considering how the car was presented.

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